Students from the UBC SALA program worked together to create fruit stands for orchards on the Naramata Bench in the Okanagan. They built a family of structures that tell a story of regional climate, tradition, agri-business and history in the context of the local food movement and tourism. The resulting structures – fruit stands, outdoor shower, and portable cart – become part of an archi-tourism experience along the main vineyard tour routes. The course is the first of a series of projects to help explore a regional vernacular for the Okanagan wine region and other parts of BC.

We ran Pear Studio in the summer of 2012 as a design-build class through UBC SALA, prior to creating DBR. It inspired us to develop a dedicated not for profit organization that would continue to explore such unique interventions in our community.



Adam Tarig
Amanda O’Keefe
Bernardo Castanon
Darcy Hanne
Elise Spearing
Emily Sprague
Emma Sims
Geoff Cox
Jason Smith
Josimar Dominguez
Mark Francis
Mayara Benedetti
Mediya Sharifi
Mira Yung
Rory Fulber
Ryan Jarceneaux
Sara Morgan
Shereen Chak
Teague Shinkewski