DBR WINE was a design-build studio through Summer 2015 that gave students an opportunity to collaboratively design and build a family of structures in Naramata, BC.

This course followed in the footsteps of Pear Studio run by Michael Green in 2012, and is part of a larger series of projects that explore a regional vernacular for the Okanagan wine region and other parts of BC.

In teams of up to three, students worked to collaboratively design, prefabricate and assemble the structures. The course explored: wood innovation, design and project management, hands-on building experience and sustainable design solutions. The goal was to build a family of structures that tell the story of regional climate, tradition, agri-business and history while enhancing the experiences of the local food movement in BC.

Photography: Chelsea Maier



Michael Green, MGA | DBR Founder and Course Instructor
Eric Karsh, Equilibrium | DBR Director and Structural Engineering Instructor
Scott Hawthorn | DBR Director and Project Facilitator
Marie-Odile | McFarland Marceau and DBR Course Instructor
Martin Ros-arriagada | DBR Course Instructor


James Munns | Shop Lead
Sindhu Mahadevan | Lead Project Coordinator
Asher deGroot | Lead Project Coordinator
Neil Manchon | Teaching Assistant
Soffía Olivia | Teaching Assistant


Andrew Carnochan
Amanda Jehring
Camille Bianchi
Chelsea Maier
Dalvir Nanara
Jagrag Teena Aujla
Jason Farra
Michael de Luca
Michael Majeski
Milan Nikic
Nathan Danylchuk
Owen McSwiney
Peter Orlowsky
Stephanie Matkaluk
Steven Lee